White Chocolate Cake

My father adores white chocolate. Since I’ve started to bake more often he kept asking me to do a “full flavour” chocolate cake. It became a current request – will share my recipie:

What you need!

100 g of white chocolate / 100 g of butter / 125 g of sugar / 3 large eggs / 1 natural greek yogurt (I use with passion fruit) / 150 g of self-raising flour / 70 g of cornstarch / 1 teaspoon of baking powder / 1 teaspoon of baking soda / 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar – for the cake.

200 ml of cream milk / 200 g of white chocolate / hand full of raspberries – for the topping

Let’s bake this!!

Turn the oven to 170ºC. Boil the milk and slowly add the chocolate, stir until it is completely melted.

Beat 100 g of sugar with the butter until is creamy. Add the eggs, stirring constantly.
Add the melted chocolate and yogurt and mix everything well.
Add the sifted flour with cornstarch and baking powder. Mix without knocking.

Dissolve the baking soda in vinegar and add to the mixture.

Pour the mixture in a form greased and lined the bottom with parchment paper.
Bake for 40 minutes or until the cake is cooked.

Boil the cream milk and add the chocolate in pieces. Stir until is boiled.
Let cool and set aside. If you prefer, when the mixture is thicker, beat with electric mixer until the consistency of a mousse.

After the cake is cold, cut it in half and fill it with a layer of the topping. Cover the top of the cake with the remaining cream and decor it with the raspeberries.


Ligar o forno a 170ºC. Ferver o leite e juntar o chocolate partido, mexer até este estar completamente derretido.

Bater as 100 gramas de açúcar com a manteiga até ficar cremoso. Juntar os ovos, sem parar de bater.
Adicionar o chocolate derretido e o iogurte – mexer bem.
Juntar a farinha peneirada com o amido de milho e o fermento em pó – misturar sem bater.

Dissolver o bicarbonato no vinagre e juntar à mistura.

Deitar a massa numa forma previamente untada ou forrada com papel vegetal.
Levar ao forno durante aproximadamente 40 minutos ou até o bolo estar cozido.

Levar o leite de creme ao lume e adicionar o chocolate partido. Mexer até este estar fundido.
Deixar arrefecer – se preferires, quando a mistura estiver mais espessa, bater com a batedeira até ficar com a consistência de uma mousse.

Depois de o bolo estar frio, cortar a meio.
Rechear com uma camada do creme. Cubrir a parte superior do bolo com o restante.
Deixar solidificar a camada antes de decorar com as framboesas.




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Vans and & Other Stories

A New Can’t-Miss Summer Collaboration Arrives From Vans and & Other Stories.

It’s hard to pick a favorite Vans collaboration when the list includes Star Wars, the Beatles, and Mickey Mouse. Even so, we’re pretty excited about the SoCal sneaker brand’s latest partnership with & Other Stories, which hits stores on April 17. The collection will include classic Vans sneakers reimagined with luxury fabrics, including leather slip-on and Old Skool styles.

The brand “& Other Stories” – from H&M – has already accustomed collections and amazing collaborations, as for example, with Clare Vivier or Lykke Li.

Now, a literally full collection of pints with the coolest tennis brand Vans. Neautral colours and leather – However both companies share a love of the minimal, classic, and easy-to-wear vibe, which makes the collab feel right.

In addition to this collection photos are a great simplicity and quality, if you have interest I suggest to take a look online – I love the concept that is beginning to be a habitué of the major brands, giving way to senior corporate coolness flood models.


Bragança, Portugal

While travelling around Macedo de Cavaleiros we did a quick stop in Bragança. The origin of the city dates from the 10th or 11th century, and likely developed from a Romanized castro, although archaeological evidence is still under-discovered.

Bragança lies on a branch of the Sabor River south of the Culebra Mountains, 255 km northeast of Porto, 515 km from Lisbon and around 20 km from the Spanish border.

The municipality of Bragança is part of the frontier of the Montesinho Natural Park, established in 1979 to safeguard the distinct elements of the region.

Notable landmarks in the city include the 12th-century Domus Municipalis (Portugal’s oldest and largest town hall), the Renaissance cathedral, and the old town walls, which are still well preserved and look down on the river and the modern city.



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What’s interesting about politics these days is the divisiveness which prevails. It is pretty much about anger and being selifsh.

Unless and until we begin bringing up our own children, teaching them the values which we had when we were growing up, unless we tell them about the virtue of faith, of honesty and give them the example of truth and compassion we will not be able to do that which will solve the dilemma which faces us. And that would be to work together for a better life and a much better government.

For example, like in the late forties and early fifties when life was more simple and safer. People communicated with each other, neighboorhoods were just like that. People new each other, there were no bars on our windows and doors, no barbed wire fences surrounding our property, no burglar alarms and we slept with the doors not only unlocked but OPEN! Sure, there were lots of problems but we didn’t know about them. And not knowing made us innocent.

With the Internet, all the information and progress, we are no longer innocent. This world is now (as Dylan wrote) ruled by violence. But much more than violence it is also ruled by lack of knowledge of good and evil. It is ruled by children who grow up to believe everything the media has to say about anything is right and valuable. It is ruled by what we see and hear as “entertainment!” People still don’t question as much the media, authority and the government.

In my modest opinion, one of the most violent elements in modern society is ignorance. It breeds prejudice, discrimination, racism, sexism, and all those other “isms”, which in turn lead to general destruction. That’s why for example, education is also so important and should exist and be fundamental in every each society all over the world.

We should never take things for granted, and we should “act” the proper sense of compassion.

“They were sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, friends and fellow citizens.

They were students and dreamers, pursuing their ambition for a better life.

And on Tuesday night, Kenyans remembered them as innocent victims of a terrorist attack that stunned a nation and left communities heartbroken”.


River Beach, Albufeira of Azibo

The river beach of Azibo is awarded with a “blue flag” – classified as a very safe and “accessible beach “.

It involves the protected landscape of the Azibo Albufeira making it an area of ​​outstanding beauty and enormous wealth landscape and biological.


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